Hey HEY hey.

You've reached my Pets blog I made so I won't clutter my main. All of the Petsite related stuff will go here, and so will the shitty artwork I draw.

I'm Neo. I've been playing Neopets for the past 10 years and I have no idea why I'm still playing.

I missed the FR kickstarter, unfortunately, but I love the game so far! Find me there as Vark, 24865!

I'm 21 years old and I reside in the Netherlands. All my RL friends think that Petsites dumb.

I'm a game artist working for some company and it's cool.

Neopets stuff will be tagged as Neopets/Neotag, and Flight Rising stuff will be tagged as Flight Rising.



I honestly hate Faes so much. The fact that I have two in my lair at the moment is irrelevant because one will become a Ridgeback and the other a Coatl. If I weren’t planning on breed changing them, I wouldn’t have them.

But, really. They’re so ugly, and they don’t even look like dragons. I’m not knocking on people who do like them, though. Just means more Faes for you.

lol same

I can say that my lair is 100% Fae free now haha.

Hello, new followers? Haha. What did I do to get such an influx? ;3c

Anyway, I won’t be posting much here as I’m very busy with this game I’m working on. I’ll become active, eventually!


I’ve been seeing posts about the plant food item, Hallowed Ivy, and how its effects are similar to the recreational use of marijuana. I despise this theory beyond belief. IRL reptiles can die from exposure to the THC in weed, and I don’t assume that to be any different for big, flying, reptiles. Hallowed Ivy =/= Weed.

calm down lmao

I just hatched 5 babies of which 3 are triple-gened. Awesome!

(Interested in pink or rose TG snappers/imperials? HMU)

my neopet is in the top percentage of neopets


I’m an otherkin here. A cyborgkin to be exact. No, I’m not trying to be special. I honestly think it’s a mental thing, not some super mystical thing. I just feel very uncomfortable with my body the way it is now. I would really like to become a cyborg in the future if possible.

I did find another cyborgkin here on Tumblr and they believe that in the future, either they or an incarnation of them will become a cyborg. I don’t really believe in reincarnation, though.

Also, I think the otherkin pronouns are pretty stupid. I only just started seeing people using them this year.

i am cyborgkin


Fucking fuck fuck mother fuck. I offered a full dom discount shop. Nobody has to pay any extra if they don’t want to. I ended up loosing T on this because people are greedy assholes. I’m so mad. There goes all my faith in the FR community with all my treasure.

If you’re losing T as a seller, then it’s your own fault.