Hey HEY hey.

You've reached my Pets blog I made so I won't clutter my main. All of the Petsite related stuff will go here, and so will the shitty artwork I draw.

I'm Neo. I've been playing Neopets for the past 10 years and I have no idea why I'm still playing.

I missed the FR kickstarter, unfortunately, but I love the game so far! Find me there as Vark, 24865!

I'm 21 years old and I reside in the Netherlands. All my RL friends think that Petsites dumb.

I'm a game artist working for some company and it's cool.

Neopets stuff will be tagged as Neopets/Neotag, and Flight Rising stuff will be tagged as Flight Rising.



Why do people like/price Coatls more than Wildclaws? For one, Coatls look like fat snakes with legs, and two, you can just buy the scroll for them any time you want unlike Wildclaws who do not currently have readily available scrolls. I don’t get it.

Coatls are newer.


Hi it’s me, the person who posted about how you can be what you want but you’re being ridiculous.  :)  I thought I should clarify on something. The minority of people in the forum were trying to be special snowflakes. My point to my post, was that yes, you can say that you are whatever you are and be whatever you want to be…but not as a trend. You can not turn something that is a MAJOR issue into something that you might “try out” for a while. You can not make up special pronouns for yourself! Ridiculous people like you make some people think that trans people are ridiculous,  and they aren’t. They are real. They truly feel out of place in their bodies, and dislike certain pronouns. You can not equate that with “lol I’m nebself” “lol I’m starself” “lol I’m bunself”.



I managed to create a triple crimson speckle/shim/underbelly tundra, and listed it for 80000. Now someone bought it, but for some odd reason they listed it again immediately for 75000. Not being appreciative of the fact that my dragon was immediately thrown back into the wilds of the AH, as well as utterly confused over the logistics of selling something back for less than what one originally bought it, I hit that purchase button. I now have an extra 5K and my dragon back.

I don’t know why this happened but it amuses me that it did happen.

I actually tend to do this some times. Sometimes I buy a dragon because I like it, or it fits within a breeding program, but in the end I change my mind and simply resell it just to get rid of it.

It’s usually when I preview a hatchling with a scroll of maturity and I dislike its look. Luckily this changed because of the scrying workshop and I now tend to check how the dragon looks as an adult before I buy it.


i’m going to spite exalt some hatchlings and i need some vague nasty names. suggest some for me

anything with butt in it

All my dragons have descriptions now.


I actually got a little upset over a dragon name the other day. I’m ashamed. 

It wasn’t one of my hatchlings that was exalted unnamed or anything similar. Nah, I was just browsing the AH looking for pretty dragons, and I happened upon one named KittenCruncher.

KittenCruncher. B-but I… I love kittens. I own one. He is delightful. I realize this name was just meant to be funny, but… KittenCruncher. *shivers*

I have determined that KittenCruncher the dragon is simply an exercise and cat enthusiast who does abdominal crunches while holding a kitten. Yes. I feel better about this now.

It’s actually a name from FR’s random generator!

I scattered my ugly progen and now he’s even worse. 
In total I’ve scattered him over 10 times.

I scattered my ugly progen and now he’s even worse. 

In total I’ve scattered him over 10 times.


I just saw an entire thread about genders. Cool, be what you want. But then people were saying they identify as “pri/prin/princeself”?? And then another person said they identify as a star??? And another person said they identify as xe/xim because X’s are cool???

they’re really taking the whole identity thing to a new level over there